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In the late 90's, Edward Dada—4th generation fashion designer—created a pioneering brand for the rock-n-roll fashion industry: Dragonfly Clothing. Artists from all around the globe, Akon, Eminem and more were purchasing Dragonfly items by the dozen. Edward Dada was an international success!

Edward Dada 90s

Akon Dragonfly Clothing
(Akon wearing a Dragonfly Clothing military blazer to the Billboard Awards)

Japanese Magazine

Fast forward to today. Despite the incredible success that was Dragonfly Clothing, Edward wanted more. His first brand was so obtainable, it was too saturated—Edward felt that Rock Stars should be unique! He gave up Dragonfly Clothing and disappeared to work on his new brand: Edward Dada.

Back In Black Cover

His new brand is nothing short of amazing. In the spring of 2016 Edward launched his first preview line titled: #rocknrollvision. The jackets, trousers and blazers were to die for. At the beginning of fall 2016, Edward launched his first, complete line: Back in Black. The garments are 180 degrees different from Dragonfly Clothing; but, the new line is finally what Edward always wanted his cloths to be—100% custom, 100% detailed and something you'll definitely feel like a rock star in.